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The “Liber T token” will comply with guidelines set out in the Elections Act, the Societies Act, and CRA as follows:

Elections Canada

Anonymous Contributions of $20 or less can be accepted – Please note; All Liber T token memberships will stay under the (EC) guidelines for anonymous donors, with remainder of membership fees donated to the non- profit Eternal Wellness Society  

Donations to a Society

CRA  “Paragraph 149(1)(l) provides an exemption from income tax for a “club, society, or association” that is not a charity and that is organized and operated exclusively for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure or recreation or for any other purpose except profit. Society “borrowing powers”

18. (1) For the purpose of carrying out its objects, a society may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in any manner it thinks fit, and in particular by the issue of debentures.  This allows funding by the Liber T token.

 (2). The power of a society under subsection (1) shall be exercised only under the authority of the bylaws of the society and in no case shall debentures be issued without the sanction of a special resolution of the society. RSA 1980 cS-18 s14

Negotiable instruments

 19. For the purpose of carrying out its objects, a society may, subject to its bylaws, draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange and other negotiable or transferable instruments.

 Limitation of liability of members

 21.  No member of a society is, in the member’s individual capacity, liable for a debt or liability of the society.


“Not for Profit Issuer

 A prospectus requirement does not apply to a distribution by an issuer that is organized exclusively for educational, benevolent, fraternal, charitable, religious, or recreational purposes and not for profit in a security of its own issue if

 (a) no part of the net earnings benefit any security holder of the issuer, and

(b) no commission or other remuneration is paid in connection with the sale of the security.”

 Please Note: It is the sole responsibility of the token holder/members to report any personal applicable capitol gains to CRA or their countries equivalent if any is forthcoming. 



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