This ONLINE Membership Agreement, when performed as represented in the Liber T token Whitepaper through the member paying a Liber T token membership (fee), and receiving member tokens for said payment is in agreement with and constitutes a clear understanding of their rights and obligations as defined within the Liber T token Whitepaper, dated (July 1st 2018) and are in agreement with and understand all those rights, privileges and obligations and agree to them by clicking {I agree} below...

Any and all membership privileges obtained through this membership agreement / except for the holding of Liber T tokens / may be revoked or changed at any time without prior notice to member. The member agrees to identify citizenship (below) and meet all membership requirements for disclosure as defined under Canada’s Elections Act and/or the Societies Act.

It is agreed all member information will be kept encrypted and private – and stay compliant with various national and international privacy laws and human rights covenants and charters

This agreement represents good faith and shall remain in effect unless changes to the agreement are determined paramount by Liber T token management at which time the member shall be notified with said changes with prior notice of seven (7) days minimum

The information in the Liber T token Whitepaper is intended for member informational purposes only and is represented by provisions in Canada’s Elections Act / Societies Act and under no circumstance is to be construed as a public offering of securities. No Securities Commission or similar regulatory authority has reviewed the Whitepaper and any representation to the contrary is an offence.

The information contained in the Whitepaper membership is drawn from resources believed to be reliable. The accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed, nor does the provider of this membership or Whitepaper assume any liability.

It is agreed Liber T token membership will not be liable for any decision made, action or inaction taken in reliance to information or data in Liber T token Whitepaper and under no circumstances is information available on this Whitepaper to be construed as investment advice or recommendations.

Whitepaper Notices

Except under extenuating circumstances, any and all communications in regards to this membership agreement shall deliver forms of correspondence deemed necessary by Liber T token management


Without prior written approval by Liber T token, no portion of this member agreement may be transferred or sold to any party not participating in this membership agreement.

No Warranties - No warranties are given or implied by this membership agreement.

Effectiveness and Interpretation of Agreement - Any and all legal proceedings sustained from this agreement shall be set in the jurisdiction of Calgary, Alberta Canada and is agreed herein between parties.

Membership Agreement - Is represented by the Liber T token Whitepaper (July 1st2018) issue date sets forth the entire understanding of the above mentioned agreement, and unless otherwise stated is not inclusive of any oral or prior written agreements. Any modifications or changes to this membership agreement must be in written form and signed by Liber T token management

Membership Token Payment - Minimum membership is $50 Canadian, with further donations accepted in multiples of $50. Tokens will be supplied with all donations until allocated supply is issued, the amount of membership tokens received is determined by token value at time membership is purchased or donation received.

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